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Main Page

This project aims to create a program written in Python that automatically detects what wireless card you have and then automatically downloads the driver for your card. With this driver the the program sets it up automatically with ndiswrapper. We want this program to also automatically disable any wifi driver currently installed, because otherwise ndiswrapper wont work. The program will get the drivers directly from the manufacturer's websites because it is illegal to redistribute those drivers. We also aim to be functional in all Linux distributions.

Feel free to post your ideas here or in the forums. Also if you want to contribute leave a post in the forums.

This project is hosted at launchpad https://launchpad.net/auto-ndiswrapprer

To DO list (No particular order)

Guys feel free to change/update this

create script to create stable db from volunteers who are currently using ndiswrapper

Provide a safety mechanism in the case the download or the decompression failed

Finish the auto removal and blacklisting of drivers

Add optional report to report successful installs and information about the install

Build web app to receive all of the information received from the scripts and the program(Django? Google App Engine?)

Pickup all the stuff that is laying around and organizing into functions

get_and_print_card_info() should work with usb devices too

Organize stuff better

Eventually do a GTK and Qt GUI

Update the debug quiet and other options available


If you want to work on anything on the list please post that you are working it. Also if you finish something please tell us.